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Your Moon Sign: What Does it Mean?

Posted by Psychic Power on 11/6/14 4:53 PM

your_moon_sign_-_what_does_it_meanThe odds are good that you know the answer to the question “What’s your sign?” Or do you? You likely know what your Sun sign is; however, your Sun sign is only one piece of the astrological puzzle that determines who you are. In fact, your Sun sign may not even be the most important piece of the puzzle!

Your Moon sign is equally important, if not more important, than your Sun sign when deciphering your birth chart. Knowing what sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth will provide you with a critical piece of your own astrology puzzle. Likewise, knowing someone else’s Moon sign will provide you with invaluable insight into the individual’s character.

Why Does Your Moon Sign Matter?

The basic premise behind astrology is that the “heavenly bodies” in our solar system had an influence on you at the time of your birth. The “heavenly bodies” include, at the very least, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each of these heavenly bodies was located in a unique position in the sky at the time of your birth. If your Sun sign is Gemini, for instance, that means that the Sun was in the constellation of Gemini at the time of your birth. Like the Sun, each of the heavenly bodies was located in one of the signs at the time of your birth, including the Moon.

Note: The Moon changes signs approximately every two and half days, making it difficult to know with certainty what your Moon sign is if you were born on a day when the Moon changed signs unless you have a professional astrologer perform the calculations.  That said, there are a number of online tools to calculate your Moon sign (we like this calculator from Lunarium).  

How Important Is Your Moon Sign?

There has long been a difference of opinion among astrologers as to where to place your Moon sign in the hierarchy of importance. Some feel your Moon sign comes in right behind your Sun sign while others feel your Rising sign is more important than your Moon sign. Either way, there is no argument that your Moon sign does provide critical clues into who you are. Moreover, you cannot form a cohesive, complete astrological profile of yourself, or anyone else, without knowing where all of the heavenly bodies were at the time of birth.

Your Subconscious Self

One easy way to think of your Sun and Moon signs is that your Sun sign reflects your conscious self while your Moon sign your subconscious self. Look to your Moon sign for clues about your deepest beliefs and fears. When you feel something on an intuitive level that is your Moon sign reacting. Your true emotions are often found in your Moon sign, not your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is the face you present to the world whereas your Moon sign is reserved for those closest to you. Although your Sun sign is very much part of who you are, your deepest, darkest secrets can only be found in your Moon sign.

How Your Moon Sign Gets Along with Your Sun Sign

Your Moon sign can exaggerate your Sun sign characteristics, create conflict with your Sun sign, or balance out strong Sun sign characteristics. By way of illustration, assume your Sun sign is Leo. As a fire sign, Leo is a very outgoing, artistic, risk-taking, and sometimes volatile sign. Leos also tend to crave attention, typically taking center stage whenever possible. Paired with a fire sign Moon, these characteristics will be exaggerated. This can strengthen the Sun sign or can create an imbalance in the personality. On the other hand, if your Moon sign is in a water sign such as Pisces, conflict will result because water and fire are not compatible. This often results in an internal struggle, particularly in the younger years, as you try and decipher and then control the conflicting sides to your personality. Finally, if your Moon sign is in an air or earth sign it may work to balance out your Sun sign. The pragmatism of an earth sign or the logic of an air sign, for example, will typically serve to “ground” adventurous and sometimes volatile Leo.

Look to Your Moon Sign for…

More often than most people realize, it is your Moon sign that governs how you will react to a situation or problem. For example, look to your Moon sign for keys to:

  • Your deepest fears.
  • Your instincts.
  • Your emotional reactions.
  • Your dreams.
  • Romantic compatibility.
  • Parenting style

Now that you understand the importance of your Moon sign as well as the role it plays in a birth chart you should be able to use that information to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.


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