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Getting in Touch With Inner and Outer Signals - They Are Everywhere (Part 1)

Posted by Psychic Power on 11/3/14 4:10 PM

Part 1: Dreams and Visions

Becoming Aware of Visions, Vibrations, Signs and Signals

As we progress on the spiritual path we naturally become more and more aware of vibrations, energies, signs, signals, messages and other forms of information about ourselves, others, the future, the past, the Universe and potentially anything – and ultimately everything.

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Colors in Dreams

Posted by Psychic Power on 7/28/14 9:33 PM

Every element of a dream has its own symbolism, and its own interpretation (within the overall context of the dream). The list that follows is a place to start – each individual needs to look at the symbols within their dreams and interpret them through the lens of their belief systems and life experiences.

Rather than tossing everything together and alphabetizing it, we have chosen to work with different categories, to make symbols easier to find, and to save time.

We hope that this is helpful in interpreting your dreams.

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