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The Astrology Houses

Posted by Psychic Power on 11/17/14 5:48 PM


The Significance of the Houses in Astrology

If you have ever had your birth chart prepared you likely have some idea what is meant by the word “house” in astrological terms. The “houses” in your chart, in fact, are every bit as important as the heavenly bodies and the signs. To truly complete the astrological puzzle that is you it is necessary to understand what each house represents both in general and specifically in your chart.

The House Systems

Your birth chart is divided into 12 “houses” which are intended to represent the sky at the time of your birth. Imagine projecting up into the heavens from your spot on the Earth when you were born and dividing the sky into 12 spaces, much like you would divide a pie into 12 pieces. Exactly how those 12 houses are defined depends on the house system used. Without going into too much detail, there are three basic schools of house systems – the Equal house, Placidus, and Koch systems. For now, the important thing to remember is that in the Placidus and Koch systems the 12 houses are not required to be equal. Regardless of the system used, the meaning and significance of each of the 12 houses remains the same.

Fist House – House of Self

The First House indicates where the horizon was at the time of your birth. The sign on the cusp of the First House is referred to as your “Rising Sign” or “Ascendant”. Physical appearance and first impressions are found in the First House. If someone only met you for five minutes, what they would walk away with is the characteristics of the sign on the cusp of your First House.

Second House – House of Wealth

Possessions, material goods, and money are ruled by the Second House. Specifically, how you manage money and what makes you feel secure are governed by the Second House.

Third House – House of Siblings, Communication, and Trips

Your relationship with siblings, neighbors and other people close to you are found in the Fourth House. Also, courage and how t=you face adversity can be found here as can short trips and journeys.

Fourth House – House of Mother (or Father) and Pleasures

Your childhood, home life and usually relationship with your mother are governed by the Fourth House. Both the home you grew up in and the home you hope to create as an adult can be found here.

Fifth House – House of Parenthood and Romance

The fifth House is where you will find children, both your own and others. Love affairs are also governed by the Fifth House as are games of chance, hobbies, and artistic talent.

Sixth House – House Health and Disease

Disease and sickness is found in the Sixth House right along with health and nutrition. Jealousy and envy are also found here.

Seventh House – House of Marriage and Partnerships

Located opposite the First House, the sign on the cusp of the Seventh House is also referred to as the “Descendant” and represents how we respond to other people. Partnerships, both romantic and business, are governed by the Seventh House.

Eighth House – House of Accidents and Death

Though known as the House of Death, “death” can be metaphorical, referring to the death of an unhealthy relationship or career path. The Eighth House also relates to transformations, inheritance, and interest in the occult.

Ninth House – House of Fate and Fortune

The Ninth House relates to spirituality and religion as well as distant travels. Philosophy, fate and fortune are also ruled by the Ninth House.

Tenth House – House of Careers and Professions

Also known as the “Midheaven” the key to your career path is usually found in the Tenth House. Politics, government, power and prestige are also found here.

Eleventh House – House of Income and Gains

Prosperity and wealth can be found in the Eleventh House as can friends and protectors. Humanitarian endeavors are also found in the Eleventh House.

Twelfth House – House of Secrets and Losses

Deep emotions, hidden secrets and sacrifice are found in the Twelfth House. Deceit, sorrow and places of confinement are also governed by the Twelfth House.


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