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November Astrological Forecast

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/27/14 7:26 PM

As the month of October winds down, you may feel as though you have unfinished business – as though issues remain unresolved and decisions have yet to be made. You are not alone. In fact, most people will feel unsettled and somewhat confused as October comes to a close, due in large part to the continued influence of Mercury in retrograde. The good news is that November brings clarity back to business matters as well as adding in some serious opportunities for romance!

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Are You Psychic? Take a Psychic Quiz!

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/22/14 5:28 PM

Have you ever wondered "am I psychic?"

Have you ever had the feeling of knowing who was calling before you even picked up the phone? Have you ever had a dream that came true … exactly as you dreamt it? Have you ever known that someone was going to do something … before they did it? Then you have had a psychic experience! We all have psychic ability … the ability to know something, or sense something, without any logical reason for this knowing. 
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How to Tap into Pure Joy - Any Time, Any Place

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/20/14 10:49 AM

How to Tap Into Pure Joy Any Time, Any Place

Pure joy is always accessible, always attainable. Not some of the time, but all of the time. In fact, pure joy is our natural state. It is who we are. Everyone has the ability to experience pure joy, pure happiness, pure peace, and to access that joy at will. Then why doesn’t everyone experience joy? For a few reasons. Primarily, most people’s minds are constantly agitated. When the mind is filled with thoughts, disturbances, worries, fears, doubts, desires, dislikes, etc., the individual gets stuck in their thoughts, in the mind. When one is caught in the mind, they actually forget to open to the natural flow of joy in the heart. The individual must learn to access that love -the source of all joy.

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Mercury Retrograde - What Does it Mean?

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/19/14 4:10 PM

Have you been feeling a little “off” lately? Are people having a difficult time understanding you? Have you found yourself waxing nostalgic or looking up an old flame? If so, you can blame the planet Mercury for being in retrograde. Don’t despair! Instead, hold on and enjoy the ride. Although Mercury in retrograde tends to have a bad reputation, some amazing breakthroughs can occur on a personal or professional level during a Mercury in retrograde period.

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The Sixth Sense

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/18/14 4:05 PM

What is the sixth sense?

We commonly hear the term "sixth sense" used to refer to psychic ability or psychic power.  It is a sense outside of our five physical senses - sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Others may refer to this sense as a “metaphysical” ability. We all have this ability, although it may be to varying degrees.  Someone who is "psychic" has a keen sixth sense, and is particularly sensitive to spiritual energy. For example, someone with psychic ability can see or sense something without any personal experience, or any prior knowledge of the person or subject.  They are not using their other five sense to have the experience.  It comes to them through their sixth sense. By using this ability, a psychic can pick up information from the energy bodies that surround each of us … our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

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Past Life Readings: Access Healing and Spiritual Growth

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/16/14 7:32 PM

Reasons for a past life reading

Sometimes the reasons for pursuing a past life reading have to do with triggers in our current life – people that we are having difficult relationships with, issues that do not seem to have a basis in our current lifetime, or negative patterns that keep reappearing, and do not want to resolve themselves so that we can heal. 

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Astrology and Your Career: Find Your Place to Shine

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/16/14 6:03 PM

What can astrology tell us about our career choices?

Whether we are searching for the best career to go into, considering changing careers, or making a decision on which path to take within a current career, astrology can help us understand our motivation, make informed decisions and take informed actions. 

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Ten Benefits Of An Astrology Reading

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/16/14 5:42 PM

1. Understanding what makes you who you are.

Even a very basic astrology reading will tell you what your Sun and Moon signs are, and what this means in your life. Through looking at the planets, their positions in the sky at your birth, and how they relate to each other, you will find clues as to why you are drawn to the people and situations that you are, and what you are to learn from them.

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How to Hear Your Angels

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/15/14 6:00 PM

There are several ways that you can interact with the Angels. You can start off by paying attention to what you are drawn to or how you receive information on a daily basis. Look at how you interact with other people during the course of your day and make notes in a journal. This will give you clues as to how you process information, feelings and emotions. Are you a person that can visualize things easily or maybe you are a great listener? Maybe you feel things or maybe you receive information that you just don’t know how it arrived to you. The avenue that is most pronounced for you is usually the channel the Angels will use to contact you. Here are five ways that Angels will come to you:

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What are Angels? An Overview

Posted by Psychic Power on 10/2/14 4:34 PM

What are Angels?

Angels are messengers that reside in the Spirit world. They are messengers of the God and Goddess sent hereto help us live out our soul’s mission. Although, Angels can take on a physical form if the intervention requires it. Nonetheless, Angels are beings of Spirit and have no flesh or bones.

Are there different types of Angels?

Yes, there are many different types of Angels. The ones you will most often hear about are the Ascended Masters and Archangels, Guardian Angels and Earth Angels. All of these Angels have different purposes and some specialize in certain areas but all of them are here to assist you on your soul’s mission.

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