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Getting in Touch With Inner and Outer Signals - They Are Everywhere (Part 1)

Posted by Psychic Power on 11/3/14 4:10 PM


Part 1: Dreams and Visions

Becoming Aware of Visions, Vibrations, Signs and Signals

As we progress on the spiritual path we naturally become more and more aware of vibrations, energies, signs, signals, messages and other forms of information about ourselves, others, the future, the past, the Universe and potentially anything – and ultimately everything.

It is essential, however, to clearly understand that the goal of spirituality and meditation is not to seek visions, dreams and clairvoyance, but to become anchored in a state of love, joy, equipoise, wisdom and truth. As you develop spiritually you will naturally attain higher and higher states and dreams and visions will come to you effortlessly.

Specifically, the goal of meditation and spirituality is to shed the ego, to merge with the Absolute, and to attain liberation from the continuous cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth (reincarnation). That said, along the way to enlightenment, the spiritual aspirant naturally becomes more and more receptive to the ever-present flow of signs, signals, vibrational energies and information emanating from the Heart of Mother Universe.

Develop the Ability to Become Quiet and Receptive

The mind constantly thinks. It has been estimated that the mind thinks some 25,000 thoughts daily. With so many thoughts, how can one tune into a message or a sign? The short answer is that it is helpful – or for most of us, necessary - to develop the ability to become inwardly quiet, open, receptive and clear. This can be accomplished through the practice of meditation, prayer or other mind-quieting technique. We become still so we can perceive healing information.

The most interesting and amazing aspect – and blessing - of this is that instead of just occasionally getting quiet in order to tune into the higher information-revealing vibration, we actually merge with it, becoming receptive always, whether we are active or quiet. In other words, as we develop spiritually, we naturally acquire the ability to tune into the Source of Pure Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Love and Harmony.

Please understand, dear readers, that this state is actually attainable – by youYou would not be reading these words if you weren’t intended to receive this message. You must nurture this state so that it develops naturally over time. As you grow spiritually many new doors will open to you. The ability to experience visions and to hear Universe’s whispers becomes second nature. Truth be told, it becomes child’s play for the sincere student.

Tips to Help You Tune Into the Messages in Your Dreams

One of the most common ways Universe speaks to us is through dreams. Here are some tips to help you remember them:

  • Embrace a posture of witness consciousness. Understand that you are not the dream itself, but rather, the observer of the dream.
  • When you awaken, remain gently focused on your dream.
  • Keep a pen and pad at hand’s length on your bed or a table or chair.
  • In order to avoid fumbling, you may choose to attach one end of a string to a pen and the other to your notebook binder.
  • Some find it helpful to keep a flashlight handy.
  • Minimize physical movements in order to stay focused on your dream.
  • It is often challenging to remember a dream, so write efficiently, quickly and calmly.
  • HINT: Even a small vision, image or snippet contains all the information that you are intended to receive.


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