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Call your psychic to find out if it's time to make a change

Posted by Jonathan Livingston on Jun 8, 2015 6:44:08 PM

Change, change is in my opinion the number one reason people seek out a psychic. Sometimes it is to know a specific thing…  Is my husband cheating?  Did this guy steal my stuff?  but generally it's about change. Will I get this job? Will I get this house? Am I moving to another state? Sometimes but less rare people ask should they get a new job? Should I get a new house? Or lover? Or move?

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The importance of the Client's Focus and Openess in a Reading

Posted by Kali on Nov 18, 2014 2:01:00 PM

On of my greatest loves is being able to help you on your path.  One thing that hinders this process, is a the client calls in an upset and unfocused frame of mind.  I understand that a lot of times, something major has just happened and you call to get some insight.  Please don't under estimateyour part in a reading.
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Empower Your Reading

Posted by Bonnie on Oct 21, 2014 4:24:00 PM

You need to know that you have the ability to empower your own reading … whether it is done by Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Angel Oracles, or some other metaphysical tool. The focus and intent that you bring to your reading determines what you will get out of your reading. Read More

Getting the Best Value in a Psychic Reading

Posted by White Owl on Oct 16, 2014 3:52:00 PM

We readers at Psychic Power want the very bestfor you, our callers.  The moment we hear your voice, we go into gear to open the psychic connection and to work toward your highest good.  We want to support and nurture you the best we can.

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