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The Week Ahead: March 13-19

Posted by Ivy on Mar 16, 2017 6:48:44 PM

The wild ride caused by the recent Jupiter-Uranus opposition is now beginning to subside. It’s time to take stock of what we experienced and learned under its influence.

This week, as the Moon enters the waning phase and the Sun squares Saturn, we can do just that. Chances are good that what we’ll find is that in one form or another, we allowed ourselves to be driven to extremes under the impact of the recent opposition, which came into effect in late February and is only now dissipating. Thus, we’ll see where we need to pull back, cut back, focus efforts, and in general, avoid biting off more than we can chew! True, we learned how to broaden our horizons and expand our efforts, and we should hold on to that basic inspiration, while also taking care not to over-do.  This recent weekend brought that necessary understanding to our attention rather forcefully.

This past weekend featured the Full Moon and Mercury square Saturn, a rather contradictory set of influences if ever there was one.  The Full Moon encourages expansion and intensity, which Mercury square Saturn cools everything down to a near dead stop.  The combination was stressful for many, with physical discomforts strongly in the picture. This situation is short-lived, however, so the crises of the recent weekend will not persist long.  Insights always arrive with the Full Moon, and this past weekend was no exception. Even in the midst of the discomforts, delays, and concerns experienced by many, important spiritual direction was received. Think over what you learned this past weekend and resolve to put your new knowledge into action.

In the form of very few major astrological impacts, this coming week offers opportunity for recovery from recent stresses.  Routine takes over, and after the amount of excitability and strain under the Jupiter-Uranus, this is a useful development.

Monday and Tuesday see the Moon in sociable Libra, reaffirming our connections one with another.  Tuesday is the day to watch for important indications, for the Moon interacts with the still-somewhat powerful Jupiter-Uranus opposition between 3 and 9 pm CDT.  Echoes of the issues prominent in the last few weeks can be picked up at that time.

Wednesday and Thursday bring the Moon moving through  contemplative and psychically sensitive Scorpio.  The moment at which to listen and learn takes place around 6:30 pm CDT on Wednesday, when the Moon in emotional Scorpio opposes impulsive Mars in sometimes obstinate Taurus.  At this time, think carefully before responding to the circumstances of the moment.  Although direct challenges may be issued in this time frame, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to sail into battle with full attack armor in place.  Take the better Scorpio approach and look deeper instead. This will pass. Thursday brings peace and understanding as the Scorpio Moon blissfully trines Neptune.

Friday and Saturday bring more action, stimulation, and challenge, as the Sun in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius and a relatively rare conjunction of Mercury and retrograde Venus shapes up at 9 degrees of Aries. Similar to the influences of last weekend, these two are contradictory, with the Sun-Saturn square causing delays, stoppage, and the need for a more cautious approach, and the Mercury-Venus conjunction sparking rapid developments, sudden insights and intuitions, the spontaneous appearance of astounding opportunities, and a readiness to boldly go where others have not.  It’s an astrological signature filled with potential for conflict. Thus, on Friday and Saturday, be ready to lay aside immediate, unconsidered reactions.  Hot-headed Aries energies will be circulating and tempers may flare. This is particularly true on Saturday, when the Moon is in high-spirited and sometimes opinionated Sagittarius. But instead of getting carried away with the swirling astrological currents, keep your own head cool, serve the higher interests, and bring out the best within these influences. This way, much can be accomplished in a short time on Saturday.

Sunday closes out on a bright and positive note, with Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextile high-minded Jupiter in intellectual Libra and trine to innovative Uranus in inspiring Aries.  Exciting ideas will take shape to light the way for our unfolding adventures.  Take advantage of these uplifting energies to meditate and pray.  The higher worlds will be somewhat more easily perceived at this time, especially 2 pm to 9 pm CDT on Sunday, March 19.  If you use that interval for spiritual connection, you are sure to come away with something well worth having.

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