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The importance of the Client's Focus and Openess in a Reading

Posted by Kali on Nov 18, 2014 2:01:00 PM

Kali_avatar_1On of my greatest loves is being able to help you on your path.  One thing that hinders this process, is a the client calls in an upset and unfocused frame of mind.  I understand that a lot of times, something major has just happened and you call to get some insight.  Please don't under estimateyour part in a reading.
You need to be open so that I can fully focus on your energy and situation. Being open means, not shutting down your own psychic center. This is much easier to do when we aren't feeling fearful and afraid.   Another thing, taking a few cleansing breaths before a call is very beneficial.  Another tip that is really helpful, is saying a little prayer or affirmation before the reading to call Spirit's help in our reading before we even connect.  Saying something simple like:  "Please let this reading be for my highest good.  Please show me what I need to know right now." I do this prior to signing on and find it to be highly beneficial. The calmer and more centered you are the easier it is to be of service to you. I am passionate about providing the best reading possible, these are just a few tips to aid the process.

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