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Opening the Divine Communication

Posted by Natalia on Nov 20, 2014 1:16:54 PM

Natalia_avatarThe first steps in opening to the Divine channels of Communication to give and receive messages from Spirit is first you have to be certain that you truly desire these messages. Know that these messages and signs are from your Divine guidance such as Angels, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Spirits.

Do not Fear, become quiet in yourself, take a few deep breaths, ask the question you truly want an answer. Try to understand the format in how you will receive such as Visions, Audiovisual etc. Relax, don't try to force an answer, don't edit the information, accept good and bad information, it's all helpful. Trust that if you receive an answer it is always for the good of all. Trust your Angels, Guides, and God/Goddesses. And finally thank these guides for their Love, Wisdom, and Insight and in the All Knowing that you are a Divine Being with a gift. Use it well. Many Blessings of Light for your Divine Journey.


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