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Happy 2015 Everyone

Posted by Natalia on Jan 9, 2015 5:59:21 PM

Natalia_avatarAs an astrologist, I am giving you all a heads up on the next two years to come 2015/2017 We all know that the planet Saturn is sometimes seen as " the bad guy" because Saturn's influence is somewhat in your face, "I am here and you might not like it." But this next couple of years show a happier side to the planet - that is if you are willingly ready to work hard (and this applies to all signs). Great Karma will come your way if you are focused and hard-working. If you decide no I want the Universe to grant me what "I Deserve" well then look out because you will not be granted your wish, rather you will receive more responsibility and very little progressive Karma.

So focus on the next two years on Success and you will have a very Prosperous Journey

Blessings and Light,


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